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UX Web Reports

Measure the ROI and performance of your website and marketing efforts

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* Sample reports show data for a ‘mock’ company and do not represent actual data results.

How It Works

Cut-out unnecessary spending on ineffective marketing efforts and invest in performance with Chatter’s UX Web Reports.





We review and profile your website’s users using
Google Analytics (GA) demographics and behavior data.

Why is profiling necessary?

Without knowing your audience you don’t know who you’re addressing. That will end up in vague, poor communication that your audience will know is not specific to them. When you clearly identify your audience and their behavior, you can speak directly to them. It’s this direct communication that effectively engages your audience and converts them to customers.



We track and interpret user data relevant to your marketing goals in a simple, explanatory, easy-to-follow report.



Customized market research.

You’re probably already aware of the insane amount of data available on everything internet and app. Just understanding the basics of Google Analytics alone is a daunting task. But once you start drilling into the data and adding other analytics the information can be overwhelming. We take the time to learn about your business, current customers, star customers, and marketing goals to find just the data that is relevant to your company. We also clarify assumptions about your online audience, removing guesswork behind understanding who they are and how they behave on your site.





We offer ‘Key Takeaways’ that suggest specific modifications to meet and exceed your marketing goals.

Prioritizing conversion

Even if you’re witnessing steady traffic to your site, but users are not coming back, buying, downloading, or signing-up, or engaging in any way, you’re not going to see ROI from your online marketing. With our reports you can modify your site to better communicate to your audience and track which campaigns are effective and responsible for growth, and which ones are not.

On the flip side, if traffic isn’t in the millions a day, but you’re seeing a very engaged audience or you want to prove that your marketing efforts are responsible for increase in sales/conversions, our reports provide easy-to-follow, visualized data to support marketing claims to clients and bosses.



We don’t want to keep you guessing.
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Who It Helps

Interested in improving ROI from online marketing efforts?

Eliminate ineffective online marketing efforts and invest in effective ones.

  • Stop guessing and start making data informed online marketing decisions.
  • Cut-out needless spending on ineffective online marketing campaigns and channels.
  • Calculate the ROI of new sites and marketing campaigns.
  • Save time on deciphering your Google Analytics results with easy-to-understand reports that highlight only the most pertinent data and activity.
  • Improve conversion and increase sales with our Key Takeaways and easy-to-implement UX and marketing solutions.


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Our pricing system is easy. Either opt-in for our Basic Report (5-6 pages) or our Complete Report (10-12 pages). We choose what data to highlight based on our initial intake, where we learn about your business and marketing goals.

You can purchase a one-time report or subscribe yearly for a report every three months.


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