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The world of online marketing is confusing and ever changing. And most importantly there isn’t a single solution for everyone. The key to effective online marketing is understanding your target audience, who you’re serving now, and who you want to serve in the future. Then, armed with with the knowledge of WHO we’re addressing, our savvy consultants help you devise, implement, track and modify a comprehensive online marketing plan that addresses your entire digital infrastructure. At Chatter Studios our goal is reaching your goals.

LocalChatter – Local SEO Search

LocalChatter is a division of Chatter Studios dedicated to local search SEO. Our local search SEO service comes in three parts:

  1. The Beacon – an app that goes on your phone that signals Google you’re in business every time you walk into the office.
  2. Register your business in over 50+ listings.
  3. The magic landing page –
    these pages are built using structured data (a specialized tag that works similarly to tables. Pages coded using this tag assist Google’s spiders (machine readers) better understand your content. These structured data landing pages are found and promoted by Google very quickly.

Who is best served by Local SEO

  • Brick and Mortar Store and Services
  • Products Sold in Stores Nationally (e-commerce sites included)
  • Freelance and Independent Local Services (home offices included)

We also provide keyword research, continued analytic reporting, and work closely with you on conversion (site traffic and sales).


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